The Art of Wigs

Why wear a wig?

   Because wigs are awesome and only awesome bitches wear wigs. Also, why not? What if I told you that you could have Princess Mermaid Ariel hair whenever you want, with no effort or damage to your own hair, and you could go back to your regular hair at any time?  Sign me up! You can go from an adorable pink pixie cut to long luscious blonde locks from day to day.

“You can go from an adorable pink pixie cut to long luscious blonde locks from day to day.”

    Wigs are great. Most people think of wigs as something people who are losing their hair have to wear. First of all, nobody has to wear a wig: people get to wear wigs. Second of all, wigs are a fabulous and under appreciated hair accessory that everyone should try at least once.

“With a wig, it’s always about changing the length or style or color of your hair without any of the commitment.” – Christy Brinkley

   I’m sure some of you are thinking, “wigs are hot and uncomfortable and what if it comes off?” Not to worry: this is 2014 and technology has come a long way, even wig technology. Today’s wigs are ventilated and lightweight. Also, if you don’t want your wig to fly off, you just need a wig that fits properly. Before you purchase your wig, be sure to know your head measurements so that you can get a wig that fits like a glove. And don’t forget, you don’t just

“Anything is possible with a wig and a dream.”
– Bianca Del Rio

What kind of wig should I buy?

   There are two types of wigs: human hair and synthetic. Human hair wigs are the most natural and realistic looking wigs (which is not always the look you are going for). Human hair wigs are also the wigs that you can use hot tools on to style. There are hot tools available that claim to be safe to use on synthetic hair, but I don’t trust them. It’s better to be safe than sorry: don’t use hot tools on your synthetic wigs. I have two tips for purchasing wigs. First of all: a tag that reads “100% human hair” doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the hair on the wig is human. If one hair on the entire wig is human, legally, the company can sell the wig as 100% human hair. So, make sure you are purchasing from a reputable brand, and maybe read a few reviews before you buy. Second, synthetic wigs are awesome and they are the ones that sometimes come in those amazing bright colors, but don’t buy one that is too shiny. A shiny wig is a cheap wig and you don’t want to be that broad in the cheap wig.

“Pink wig, thick ass, give em whiplash” – Nicki Minaj

Scottie Key
Hairstylist & Fashion Journalist