Are Casual Clothes the Junkfood of the Fashion World?


   What is a fashion crime? Is it something from the 80s? For me, anything that screams pink and froufrou also screams gaudy. I genuinely dislike flip flops, gypsy skirts and Croc shoes. I wonder: why do people continue to indulge themselves in the silliest looking fashions? I must say it is a myth that these people do not know they’re committing a faux pas, and that, from their perspective, it is somehow serious fashion. But why do they do it? Well, it is my opinion that in the fashion world, whimsy is comparative to gluttony. We enjoy collecting tiny trinkets here and there: little whimsical things that we don’t plan on taking seriously. But, over time, we somehow come to embrace these things: they become our favorite items.

   My high school art teacher, who was one of my biggest mentors and motivators, was a habitual admirer of the absurd. My friends and I used to laugh every time she wore one sweater in particular: it was a mocha-brown knitted cardigan, with cats decorated all over it. To us, it was the ultimate teacher-outfit, similar to a frilly Christmas sweater. We laughed it off thinking she bought it in good taste, but we couldn’t contain ourselves and one day I asked her why she felt compelled to have it. She told me that she had seen the sweater while shopping in Cache years ago, and hated it, but for some reason, she could not get it out of her mind. She kept thinking about it all the time, until finally she caved in and bought the cardigan: it is now an icon among my favorite memories of high school.

   So please, readers, go ahead and take out your overalls that you embellished with fabric paint; take pride in your electric-pink sweaters and love every bit of your extensive costume jewelry collection. We really should all be grateful to have tackiness in our lives, for it brings us joy, definitely some laughs, and a smile to other peoples’face I’m sure. No matter what, you’ll have people talking, won’t you?



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By Alexander Jung