The Child Within

1412_The-Child-Within_00   Adolescence came with a certain skill set: a free spirit, lack discipline, curiosity and one heck of an imagination. Trends and fast fashion are of our time but things like spirit are forever, right? This inner energy takes us from a wild Friday night to choosing a printed pant over a solid. Across the spectrum, more designers are catching onto the current state of the average consumer these days: we just want to have fun. Cartoon characters are showing up on luxury wool duster jackets and the über elite Hermès Birkin bag (à la George Condo or Donald Robertson) has even received an arts and crafts makeover. Stuffy fashion is a thing of the past and the child within us all—that vibrant kick in our perception—is making a debut all over again.

   Brands like Moschino , Bobby Abley and Opening Ceremony are reminding us of a time when our juvenile spirit took the wheel while dressing ourselves from head to toe: the time when we wore our freedom on our sleeve and left the basic, composition attire for the adults. Why wouldn’t we wave that flag today as our society is the most available it’s ever been to influence. Why not incorporate elements into our wardrobe that channel the free spirit in us? Fashion is meant to be fun, even at the least expressive; fashion is the truest form of functional expression. Somewhere along the way, we’ve misplaced the shoe and picked up the Croc.


   Expressing yourself to an extreme and using beads to embellish your favorite navy blazer will not only bring out the kid in you but it’ll revive the part of you that states your truest self. That is when

personal style becomes a work of art. What else are we in business for? Designers and marketers are taking the casual approach in attracting the average consumer. Remember those Nickelodeon commercials? Details like fun prints and oversized jewels on clothing exhibit your ability to balance moderate necessity with play, which can put you in with the right elite crowd. The cool crowd; remember them? The masters of themselves? The reckless ones. The kids who seemed to be able to coexist in the general population of teenagehood but had a togetherness that only came with “experience”: imagine yourself being one of those in actuality expect, this time, instead of the peer pressure and bad fads, it’s real and you’re owning it. You can do that and we’ll be applauding. Go out to play.

By Cristina Pimentel