Children vs. Millennials: Who is More Childish?

   Let’s face it, as human beings, regardless of age, race, hair color, or gluten-free, we all have a child within. The child appears whenever a mischievous thought instantaneously pops out. The child appears whenever a playful mind is eager to be wild. However, the Millennials are the generation that are most accused of behaving like little children. A Millennial is a person who reached adulthood (eighteen years of age) around the year 2000. As a Millennial, I am going to compare this group with children to see if there really is that much of a similarity.

Don’t take the toys away:

   Try to take away any Millennial’s phone and we will freak out as if whoever holds our phone can have access to all pictures without easily hacking the iCloud. During the short period of the phone deprivation, the mouth gets dry and the mood becomes anxious. I can assure you that within 25 seconds any self-respecting Millennial will reach over and vie to get the phone back. It seems childish indeed but my toy is my toy, especially when that toy is loaded with important information and carries 4G.

One syllable words:

   Little children tend to use one syllable words like “yeah” for their lack of better word choices and vocabulary knowledge. The reason of Millennials’ over usage of one syllable words remains unfathomable. “K” is the abbreviation of “OK” which is another abbreviation of “okay.” The reluctance to type one k is probably one of the laziest things on earth but, the strange thing is that sometimes when people accidentally type an extra k, they will put forth the effort to go back and delete it, which makes its original effort-saving goal meaningless. Don’t even get me started on the ubiquitous and ever-evolving non-words that come across more like grunts, such as “uggggh,”WHAAAAH,’’or “DAHHHHH.” The meanings of these words are usually ambiguous. Just by pressing the keyboard of a smart phone for a long period of time is actually very amusing to lots of Millennials. Okay, this trend is officially childish.


   I would say when it comes to being flaky, little children probably have more integrity and maturity than the Millennials do. Children can’t call the shots of where they are going; their soccer moms have planned every event from karate class to Kathy’s birthday party. Whereas with the Millennials: we have too many shots to call. On a free afternoon, we can either chill, scroll through Buzzfeed or even be somewhat productive enough to make an Instagram post. All of these things lead us to forget our hangout rendezvous with our Tinder dates. No one can get flakier than Millennials, not even Tony the Tiger from Kellogg’s.


    It appears to be an urban Dr. Oz myth that, as people grow older, their imaginations get less vibrant. The Millennials are just like children full of imagination. Kindergarteners may doodle the craziest masterpiece on the wall while the Millennials are just as capable to turn all the doodle masterpieces into gifs on Tumblr. Children have the wildest ideas and the Millennials are just as capable to make a Kickstarter project out of it.

   Whatever the iPhone-toting, skinny-jeaned Millennial demographic is, childish or not, the Millennials are full of spirit and have an addictive je-ne-sais-quoi (it’s kinda like Vine: you can’t figure it out but it just works.) Childishness may be the new “it” factor.

by Jamin Lin