The creation of the woman form: A talk with designer Tatyana Merenyuk

   I met the Ukrainian fashion designer, Tatyana, a few years ago and I will be awestruck forever over her voluminous tulle cloud dress. Tatyana herself is a woman of femininity. From her puffy gowns to perfectly pronounced bows and soft ruffles, I just knew that Tatyana was the woman to feature for the doll issue. Her work is beautiful and feminine, but with details that are completely unique and glamorous. Here is our conversation: we talked about the beauty of all women, Tatyana’s inspirations, as well as her love of dolls.

Q: What is a little doll to you?
A: A little doll to me is a cute girl.

Q: Is there any specific person you think of while designing?
A: I guess myself, and what I would like to wear.

Q: How did you become a designer?
A: I became a designer by chance. It just happened to find me. It started in Chicago soon after I met some super talented and inspiring people who inspired me to find something passionate for myself that involved working with my hands.

Q: Your designs fit the women’s body so perfectly; what do you think is a universal part of the women’s body that is most beautiful?
A: Thank you, you are sweet. I think women’s body are all beautiful. Gosh, I guess I love a woman’s back and arms, as well as her legs! I just love to show off the body, and in the most flattering way of course.

Q: Are you your designs? Are your designs you?
A: Yes definitely: my designs are me, and I am them. I only design things that I love, and I don’t really follow any trends or anything. It’s simple: I do what I love and what I think looks good and is flattering.

Q: Stupid question, did you grow up playing dolls? Elaborate.
A: There are no stupid questions Oh, yes I did! Back in Ukraine I had some Raggedy Ann dolls until I got my first Barbie from America. Wow, I still remember how much I loved her! I built her houses out of grass outside and made her little clothes. Haha! Those were the good old days.

Q:I know your boyfriend paints dolls like women in his art work, do you think that translates into Tatyana Merenyuk designs?
A: Yes, Quang Hong Paintings always inspire me. I see a little bit of him in my work and some of myself in his perhaps.

Q: What is that one thing or person that makes you who you are and continue what you do?
A: That would be me. I decide my life.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?
A: Thanks for featuring me; it’s always a pleasure working with Miss Faustina!

Q: Who is the perfect Tatyana Merenyuk lady?
A: Oh gosh. There are many lovely, fashionable ladies out there, who are perfectly pretty and so on. To me, a perfect lady is a nice lady!