Edgy Porcelain: A Look At Modern Dinnerware







   Skulls, beetles, and mermaids…on dinnerware? This fine china of company WTF Porcelain is not from your grandma’s collection. I talked with Yvonne Angioletti, the genius behind these modern pieces to find out more.

Caitlin McCulloch: How did you begin making these plates?
Yvonne Angioletti: Initially, I just wanted to purchase some skull dinnerware for myself after seeing an old antique floral plate with an animal skull printed on it. Something about the combination of the antique floral and the skull image really spoke to me. I quickly realized that there was really nothing out there that could actually be USED; there were only display dishes. So I made a set for myself.

Caitlin McCulloch: What inspires you?
Yvonne Angioletti: Edgy porcelain! I was not that interested in porcelain until I started doing this; now I cannot get enough of fancy dishes and patterns. I look for them everywhere. As for the images, I am primarily influenced by nature and art. I love going to museums, galleries, and looking at all sorts of art in general. Old scientific illustrations are a fantastic inspiration as well.

Caitlin McCulloch: How would you describe your typical customer or target audience?
Yvonne Angioletti: When I started this, I thought it would be mostly a younger crowd that would be purchasing from me but I have found that my customers come in a variety of backgrounds and ages. Most of them are actually over thirty and looking for something that has the quality of fine china, yet is not your run-of-the-mill dinnerware. They want something edgy without having to sacrifice the quality found in a lot of porcelain that is offered through higher-end retailers.

Caitlin McCulloch: How would you describe your pieces?
Yvonne Angioletti: Edgy, decadent, and fancy.

Caitlin McCulloch: What is the price range on these items?
Yvonne Angioletti: Prices can range from $20.00 for a teacup to $50.00 for a customized dinner plate.

Caitlin McCulloch: Where would you like to take WTF plates? Any future plans or goals?
Yvonne Angioletti: Of course I would love to grow my business but, I would like to stay small enough to still be able to run it with my husband. I want to be able to provide very personalized service. The design process and the discussing of ideas with my customers are very important to me.

    To purchase your own plates (and undoubtedly impress your guests), check out wtfporcelain.com

By Caitlin McCulloch