Our Editor’s Note on Individuality

   I live in the city where everyone is special, unique, talented and beautiful. Yet somehow, living in this city surrounded by every individual transplant who has burst from their hometown, everyone is the same. How can we all be so unique that we blend in to form a union to equal the amounts of one person?

   I would be a fool not to admit that everyone in NYC is astonishingly talented and a credit to their field.

But something is missing…

   Back in the day, before some of us were even thought of, there were glorious stars in the world. There was no internet. TV was it and to be seen on tv, you had to have “it”. That sparkle in your eye and personality. We don’t know what it is, but when you are around it, you feel it all over. Have you ever been around someone that possessed this quality? I bet you have and you remember everything about that person and how they made you feel. To have “it” you must radiate, and in the days of internet, we seem to have forgotten about this star quality. We now give 5 second fame to the video amateur. It seems as if this quality to be an individual has flown out the window. But this issue is not about that. This issue is about embracing YOUR star quality and finding others who have found theirs.


by Faustina Rose