Hair Perfume

   Haven’t washed your hair in a while? Want to smell beautiful from head to toe? Look no further because the new beauty trend is here to stay. Hair Perfume is a great way to hydrate the hair without water and is also masks the scent of not-so-pleasantly-fragrant hair products. So, now when you get close with your new friend during a nightcap, he will never know you haven’t washed your hair in month.


 Pink Sugar Hair Perfume

   This sweet fragrance with notes of raspberry caramel and cotton candy will definitely make life much sweeter. This nostalgic hair perfume unleashes your playful side and can be paired with Pink Sugar Full Body Mist for a head to toe sweet day. $15


Balmain Silk Perfume

   If you’re looking for a more luxurious brand, Balmain offers a fruity hair perfume. The enchanting scent is infused with argan oil, silk amino acids, and jojoba oil, which moisturizes, detangles and protects your hair. This warm and sexy floral addition will be your new best friend. $22.95Notes: Sandalwood, Gardenia and Peach.


Unite ULuxury Color Protectant Hair Perfume

   Look no further ladies: not only does this hair perfume protect hair from harmful UV rays but it also reduces static, prolongs color, and is paraben and sodium chloride free. This hair perfume is also available in two different scents for different personalities. The “Alana” is subtle and floral, while the ‘Bianca’ is energetic and infused with citrus. $35
   After trying all of these products, it looks like I will live a life of never washing my hair again. It’s very modern-day-hippie meets glamorous woman who has perfume just for her hair. I’m all about being that woman.



By: Monai McCullough