Healing Over Heartbreak

   Going through a breakup can be very emotionally and physically trying. A person can go from constantly being around their partner to literally having an open space with no one to fill it, both in the heart and the home. There is a tendency for most people to be withdrawn and to feel like it is a little darker and colder without a companion. Most fill up the empty space with lots of ice cream, tears, and self- blame while often wondering what could have been done differently.

   Any type of breakup or heartbreak requires necessary grieving. Instead of withdrawing into the self and resorting to destructive behaviors one might regret later on, take this time to reflect on what was learned and, most importantly,
pour all the love that was given to another into yourself! So many people believe that life is only made sweet once. There is another entity there for all of us but, until we find them, life can be plenty solo. Show yourself kindness during this fragile time and take this moment to reintroduce yourself to your beauty regime.

   “Love” is the key word here! What better way to show yourself love and healing than by getting back into the beauty groove? Now is the time for long luxurious baths. This is the perfect moment to soak in the bath tub and heal both the inner and outer self by using aromatherapy: scented candles, essential oils, and even rose petals!

   When experiencing heartbreak it is vital to cherish the “me time” that has most likely been abandoned due to the rigors of what some relationships can bring. At this time, the spa can be your best friend. Lay back and let the experts massage your pain away while you float off to a tranquil place of peace or get a facial so that you can put your best face forward into your next relationship.

   There are plenty of do-it-yourself beauty rituals that can be done at home, too! You can make your own facial, do your nails, or create a steam room using your shower and your favorite oils. The possibilities really are endless! Heartbreak means you will have plenty of time to devote to yourself. What better way to show yourself love and heal than to shower your body with the attention it deserves!

By Otaymah Bonds