That Imperfect Human: How I Met Him Online

   Imagine meeting the person who makes your heart sore, who takes your breath away, who knows who you really are with a swipe to the right on your Iphone. Well, this isn’t your typical love story and who’s to say how it ends but, I can tell you where it all began. What caught your eye was the dog of course. You didn’t even look at the handsome man in the picture, just the dog. Then you kept looking through the pictures and discovered the man you were looking at happened to be, dare I say it, imperfect. He had perfectly styled dark hair, light blue eyes, and a gorgeous smile to match. He was 6’2’’ and from the look of his pictures he knew how to dress. The next thing you knew your brain was saying “swipe right”… so you did and then you waited.

   A couple of days went by and you hadn’t really thought about that cute dog or the handsome guy that went along with it but then a message popped up on your phone and you say that it was “the guy”… with the perfect teeth and kind eyes. Well, maybe this can actually go somewhere. You clicked on the conversation and it’s a simple, “Hi. Your smile caught my eye. My name is Sam. How do you take your coffee?” The conversation continued from there. It’s almost as if he knew all the right things to say because, well, it’s online, and it’s always easier to sit behind a computer or a phone and type an answer rather than facing the person.

   By the end of your workday, you decided: “you know what, it’s time to meet this guy” but it looks like he had already beaten you to the punch and decided on coffee at Berkli Café. You know the spot, were there just last week and love the vibe. Plus, it’s close to your house. You said, “why not… I can always just have a great cup of coffee and move along.”

   The coffee was great and the conversation even better. You never imagined meeting the perfect human online but, somehow, you did. And you know what, that’s perfectly okay.

   Because in today’s world, we rely so much on our phones and our constant satisfaction from others that meeting someone without really meeting them sounds like the perfect thing to do.

   A couple of weeks went by and it was beginning to look a lot like love. You posted about this mystery man and his adorable Golden online, showed your mom his picture, and got the not- so-silent approval from the “likes” on your Instagram feed. So you decided to really give it a chance because who’s to say you can’t find your imperfect human online.


by Amanda Gold