Leave Your Ego at the Door In Fashion, It’s All About Team Work

   What is ego? It definitely is not singularly masculine or feminine. Universally, the ego is known as “me”, “myself”, and “I”.

   There is no room for “I” in the fashion world. Fashion is fierce and women in fashion have to be ferocious. We are lionesses. We know what we want and what we do not want. We have the egos of three men. But, we see things differently. We are Fashion Wives with the egos of artists.

   An Ego does not discriminate. The ego may be a beautifully aggressive addition to the creative process or the annihilation of a project. If one member of the collective lets too much of their ego affect the work all of the building blocks fall to the ground.

Sometimes a decision has to be made to become pliable, to listen, to compromise, to collaborate. There has to be an ebb and flow, a chemistry.

   Talent is abundant. It is in the application of talent in which that of true genius lies. It is a rare thing that a team can join forces and create something unimaginable.

    To man, woman, and everyone in between, the ego of an artist is another beast in and of itself. In order to give birth, to create life in the form of art, we must let go of our inner ego. No longer does one plus one plus one equal three but one plus one plus one equals ONE. One collective idea that contains the best qualities and traits of each artistic parent.

   The evaluation and assessment of the work by others then lies equally on everyone’s shoulders. The accolades, tributes and rewards are also equally divided among parents. No one is alone.
This is a marriage of artists at its finest.

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By Audrey Froggatt