Love is in the Details: My Obsession with Design

   As soon as I begin designing a set, I start with word association. Aspects such as the mood I am trying to evoke, the story I am conveying, and certain emotions I want to leave the viewer with come to mind. Being so detail-oriented, I design down to the very last detail, even if I know it may not make it in the shot, it sets the scene for the model and the rest of the team.

“I come from a strong styling background,
going all the way back to my childhood”

   my mother and I would choose paint colors to match the décor in the living room and rearrange the furniture on a regular basis; I also studied color theory and 2D classes in college. I love to style objects, rooms, tablescapes, models, food, flowers: everything in front of me.

   Composition and color placement have been so ingrained in me that it’s become second nature.


“I have a passion for making everything look beautifully-arranged and placed.

   Currently working with Audrey and Faustina, who are extremely edgy and adventurous when it comes to fashion photography, as well as Faustina’s eclectic style, I’m able to break into a new exciting realm of work. We just recently began working together and everything fell into place without too much explanation. I’m beyond excited for the work we are about to create as a team.