What is Love?

   Love is a universal human emotion that connects us all and, without love, the world would be a pretty uninspired place. There are many different perspectives on what the true meaning of love is but, in the end, fully understanding the power of love is wisdom and our greatest soul’s purpose.

Here’s what some people had to say:

  • “Love is Love is when you don’t judge or expect anything in return. It is that moment when two become one without prejudice, without thought, and with pure intention. Love is.” – Richard
  • “Love is ” – Janelle
  • “Love is unconditional.” – Debra
  • “Love is everywhere and everything. When we open our hearts to love we find it is not a thing to find but what was already there the whole time.” – Marilyn
  • “Love is receiving a piece of your soul you never knew was missing.” – Cassandra
  • “Love is everything.” – Anne
  • “Love is what happens when someone is in your heart forever. It is where unconditional kindness, compassion and understanding intersect.” – Jamie
  • “Love is what churns the soul. When you truly fall in love, you’ve met your mirror, the person the gods separated you from. He or she holds up a reflection of yourself that you never knew was missing. The dynamic of this love influences you to create a harmony and balance in your soul.” – Johnny
  • “Love is life.” – Tianna
  • “Love is like shoe shopping. You think you want the shoes that are sexy yet leave you in pain when, at the end of the day, all you want is to be comfortable.” – Jensen
  • “Love is knowing when to ask for help. Once in love, you have made yourself vulnerable to your partner therefore, if he/she is really good for anything, you might as well be able to get solid advice and support. At the same time, love is not everything so, you may find yourself asking someone else for help in how to navigate a love that is at a loss.” – Gaby
  • “Love is luck.” – Christian
  • “Love is like the first snowfall: usually unexpected and beautiful when left untouched.” – Dayenny
  •  “Love is all you need…all you need is love” – Tucker
  •  “Reaching into the deepest place of the human spirit and accepting that, without humanity, there is no love and without love there is no humanity.” – Mona Leza
  • “Love is eternal.” – Chris
  •  “Love is when your heart, mind, body and soul soar with the spirit of an equal. Your personal wants are replaced with the need to help the other’s be fulfilled. It’s a balance of two ids, egos, and superegos!” – Julie Anna

   This lesson in love wouldn’t be complete without some insight from FashionDecode’s editor, Faustina Rose. Here’s what she had to say:   “Love is a higher level of yourself. You spend your life loving yourself until one day someone comes along and gives you something you can’t do alone and you do the same for them.” – Faustina

By: Sarah Edmiston