Minimal Makeup: The Beauty of Simplicity

   Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer “Must- Have Products.” How many times have we heard or read this and really felt like you needed to tear the page out, or make a note in your phone to make SURE you don’t forget? Or else. On another note, do you lug products around for fear of needing to touch up, but rarely ever actually do? Here are some tips for simplifying our consumer driven industry and your purse.

   I for one am totally guilty of this and also feeling an unhealthy attachment to my cosmetics. Granted, it is my career and my money-maker, but still, do I really need to carry with me 80% of what is on my face at all times? I am getting better. Moving to New York City made me realize just how life changing it is to have as little with you at all times as possible, and believe it or not quite liberating when I realize “I didn’t need you anyway!”

   So first, on the tip of which “must-haves” does one actually need; think about your current routine. If you don’t wear any eyeliner now, it may not be smart to start with the newest liquid liner. It’ll be a mess and certainly “a look,” just not the one of the season. From my last article, on transitioning from summer, this is also an opportunity to check your colors, and to update that cheek and lip. I’d say it’s always fun to try a new product or two at a time, because you may learn that a cheek stain is way hotter on you than your powder blush. No, really- a good cheek stain looks like the color comes from within and that my friend is the goal. Or that finally using a face and lid primer really do work and aren’t just add-ons from the salesperson.

Here are some of my favorite new products to give a whirl.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liner: $19
This liner is easy-peasy and doesn’t move on your skin throughout the day. That’s all I need and I’m sold.

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation: $60.
It feels like nothing is on the skin, matte finish, blends easily, doesn’t appear dry and has a great range of shades. A truly effortless foundation.

Armani Maestro Lipcolors: $33.
There is a new wide range of reds that are sure to include the “perfect red” for anyone. And with 16 hours of wear with no feathering or bleeding? Done.

   One of my secrets is having a good palette or two in your arsenal. My very favorite is Smashbox: “The Master Class Palette II” which goes for $59 from Sephora. I literally work from this palette for the majority of my looks. There are 28 eyeshadows, 4 cream eyeliners, 5 blushes, 1 bronzer and 2 highlight powders. When traveling, having this is great because I don’t have a bunch of junk rolling around in my bag and it makes for quick application and touch ups.

   Finding what works for you, sticking to it and branching out not out of pressure, but rather curiosity is key. This way your cosmetics bag, box, or in my case, an entire vanity isn’t full of things you’ll never use. Creating a more simple, foolproof face is an easy way to make your days easier and gives you one less thing to worry about. Cheers to that!


by Logan Greenwood