Monday Blues No More


   Can we talk about Monday? Monday seems like a universally-hated day of the week no matter what time zone you are in .It’s notoriety is undeserved. People feel relaxed on Thursday and got excited for Friday. People even like Tuesday now, after Drake made it the new day to go to the club. Monday morning can bring on a sense of unhappy resignation after the fantastic weekend-any type of weekend is fantastic in my opinion. This article is here to inform you some unconventional way to recolor your Monday blues


    1. Don’t sleep in:. The same sleep schedule all week will help you feel rested come Monday morning. To avoid social jet lag, party on Friday and Saturday night and rest on Sunday. Sunday turnups are overrated anyways.
    2. Make a list of the things you’re excited about: .How can you get upset about envisioning the things you are excited about? You are literally and physically-mentally force you into a positive-mode zone.
    3. Finish your TV on weekends: Monday is all about fresh start. So if you got 20 minutes left of House of Cards or any other sizzling shows that you are binge-watching during the weekends, finish them. Don’t wake up in the morning with the thought of which real housewives is fighting with which housewives. .
    4. Get pumped with some tunes: Go for the odies but goodies. The idea is to regalvanize yourself with the pumped music that has worked before.
    5. Look fresh ands sharp:. If you need a pick-me-up, wear something you love. If you already feel groggy, dressing sloppy will only grog your grogginess. If you want, you can mix it up you Saturday best outfit but make sure you spray cologne to get rid of the club smell.
    6. Diet on Sunday night: If we see Monday as a fresh start ,we want it to be really good. Avoid carbs on Sunday night ,which may make you look puffy and bloated. Plus, it will make you anticipate Monday breakfast even more.Another reason

reason to wake up on Monday.

    1. Treat yourself: Create a little ritualized treat to look forward to on Monday mornings. I tell my barista at Starbucks to add two more espressos .. Having something to look forward to on Monday’s will make it feel less daunting.
    2. Get over yourself: Yeah, there will be a recurring Monday every week for the rest of your life. It’s a day; do your best wit it.



By Jamin Lin