Nabila K: “It’s a Lifestyle”


   I was lucky enough to recently meet Nabila Khashoggi of “Nabila K Cosmetics, Inc.”: a luxurious, organic beauty and skin care line that uses only the finest ingredients. She had a booth at NYC’s International Beauty Show at the Javit Center and my twin sister and I were invited by our dear friend, model and PR specialist, Debbie Dickinson. It was so refreshing to meet the woman behind such an original brand (she even has a special line of skin care products, bubble bath, etc. for children that was co-designed by her son).

   The premise of the line is that it’s not just about bath salts or hand lotion, it’s about a lifestyle. Take a moment to breathe and relax with Nabila K’s products and you’ll truly understand her vision. She really practices everything she preaches because her products are as organic as possible and are presented in such a creative, beautiful way. The packaging is all very whimsical and playful: it takes you on a brief journey. Opening one of the travel kits filled with shower gels and bath scrubs is like a tiny holiday; it’s all about enjoying the scents and taking the time to care for yourself.

   With scents like honeysuckle, lavender and sage, cedar wood, citrus and eucalyptus, there’s something for everyone. The line is for women and men alike! The products are also wonderful for every season. My favorite of the fragrances have to be either the rose garden or almond and honey. No matter what scent you choose, they’re all fresh and subtly alluring: nothing is too overwhelming. It’s almost hypnotic this brand! Nabila also designs fragrances for the home in the form of hand-poured candles and diffusers. The entire idea of the brand is about luxury and subtle indulgences; she even designs stationary! So, check out her website at www.nabilak.com and go ahead: give yourself the tiny extravagance of a bubble bath or a good scrub.


By Katherine Sloan