“Not Just Another Pretty Face”

1503_Not-Just-Another-Pretty-Face_01   I met Ricci at the tender age of 17, when he was an up-and-coming German blogger for his site “The Fabulous Life of Ricci” (www.fabulousricci.com). While attending Berlin fashion week in his beautifully self-styled outfits, he caught many an eye: dressed one day all in leather and lace, the next in a flowing floor length skirt with flowers in his long flowing curls. Needless to say he became a German street-style darling. He desired more than just a collection of photos: he wanted to be a star, a star that could show that you can be whatever you want, wear whatever you want in order to be different and successful. Fast forward to today (three years later) and he is well on his way. He’s in leading movie roles and TV shows all the while contributing for the Huffington Post and modeling across Europe. His fans from his blog and TV see him as a role model on living life the way you want, not merely how society deems appropriate.

   Meeting up with Ricci at the tent during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin I decided to delve into the beauty aspect of his look which is as equally well-groomed as his attire.

Devon Kaylor: Hi Ricci, Berlin Fashion Week just finished: what major happenings did you take part in?

Ricci: Berlin Fashion Week this season was super exciting. I missed all the castings because I had a photo shoot in Munich those days so my management thought it was better just to appear on the red carpet and watch some great shows. Anyway, the week was full of appointments, blogger events and interviews. I really enjoyed all this excitement and one of my highlights was being part of the Fashion Installation of Alice M HUYNH; I felt very honored to be the only boy in the show.

DK: You work as/identify as androgynous. Given this, your beauty regime could interest a wide audience. What are your daily treatments on regular days vs. days you are in front of the camera or on the runway?

1503_Not-Just-Another-Pretty-Face_02RD: Most people think androgyny means wearing red lipstick and fake eyelashes but I like it simple and want my hair and my eyebrows to look good. And I love smoky eyes and strong cheekbones, and thank God there’s contouring! In my everyday life I hardly use make up, just some powder and eyebrow gel.

   I can’t live without the Bobby Brown smoky eye liner. The eyebrow gel from Essence (a drug store product line from DM Germany) is also very important, the Chanel Le Lift crème saves me every time the night was longer than expected, and without the Epidruo skincare from my dermatologist, I would like a teenager…and not in a good way (laughs).

DK: You are well known for your luxurious long hair; do you have any special hair care treatments you could share with us?

RD: When it comes to my hair I am very grateful to have naturally strong curly hair. Curly hair needs lots of moisture. I travel a lot and cannot always bring a bunch of products with me. When I don’t have some good cocoa oil with me, I just use my facial moisturizer. My hairstylist told me it’s good for hair too because the base is water and so your hair will be silky without getting heavy.
   To define my waves, I always bring my round brush with me… seriously: one day without it and I would look like a cartoon character.

DK: what suggestions do you have for men and women to maintain everyday beauty?

RD: My mom taught me that everyday beauty should be easy to handle so I like to choose one feature to highlight and keep the rest simple and pure. For me it’s hair: if this looks good, everything’s good.



By: Devon Kaylor