Paper Dolls: The Desire for Perfection

   What comes to mind when you see this image? Do you feel like you are trapped behind an intense need for perfection, or the desire to be seen as the norm of society?  When we become obsessed with the idea of perfection, we lose ourselves within it. It’s almost as if the human side of us turns away. We create this alternative personality where we are featureless to those around us. We rely on the same mascara, the same hair products, and the same black clothing to blend into society. We try not to stand out. But why? Does the idea of being our own person scare us so much that we must create this person who doesn’t have any distinct features? We go through this transformation of uncertainty and become someone we don’t even recognize.

   It all starts at a young age, when we are faced with images of perfection.

Russian Nesting dolls are the perfect metaphor: as you peel each layer away, you are left with the exact same replica, the same look, the same thing.

   Those dolls leave such an impression on us when we are young that we carry it with us throughout our adult lives.

   We’ve all had those fears of not being perfection and not living up to society’s expectations but why? We shouldn’t have to. We should be able to become the person we want to be, regardless of what our features look like. It’s all up to you about how you want to look: don’t let someone make you a different version of yourself. Dolls will always be around, but don’t let them change you: allow them to inspire you for what you want to become.

By Amanda Gold