Parulina: More Than Just Beautiful Jewelry



   Every now and then there is that wonderful, unexpected breath of fresh air the world receives from a creative force. Someone who makes us look at things from a different perspective, through a different lens. They come through and change what we thought we knew into something complex. They make us think about things that we may not have known existed or maybe something that we never cared to understand. Jewelry designer Parul Kuki Seth has given the world just that through her line affectionately known as Parulina. Since 2003, her expertise as a Gemologist and appraiser has taken her line from small boutiques with private clientele (through a recession) on to the great brand that it has become today (twelve years later). In a world full of controversy, Parul strives to have her gems remain conflict free. Driven by the natural beauty of the world and the environment, this designer goes to great lengths to keep stones intact with their original integrity. The treasures of Parulina can also be sourced back to their country of origin, reassuring clients with the honesty of their source(s). This is an invitation into the mind of not only a designer but also into the heart and soul of a woman inspired by humanity, the environment, and the world.

What inspired you to start designing jewelry?

I’ve always sketched jewelry, even in my couture collections. I can’t remember: I was around seven years old when I first began to sketch. My real moment came when my aunt, who owned jewelry stores in Hong Kong and New Delhi, invited me to design a collection for her.


What is your favorite piece of jewelry? Why?

 I cannot narrow it down to one favorite piece. Currently, I’ve been wearing my bald eagle claw with a nineteen millimeter South Sea Pearl.



What do animals mean to you in terms of your designs?

 They are stunningly original and absolutely beautiful!


Describe your creative process.

 I visualize it and then draw it out. Gems, color, music, and fashion inspire me.

For my bespoke designs, the women or men and their personal sense of style also inspire me to create something that could be a part of their lifestyle.



What roles does your spirituality play in your life as a designer?

 I have been designing since I was twelve but spirituality is the evolution of the species. I get older, wiser, and I live my life! I have become more spiritual. Design evolves with the person and the person evolves with life – that’s how I would describe the connection.


Where do you see your brand in five years?

 I’d love to branch out into ecological furnishings and lifestyle.


Outside of being a jewelry designer, tell us something interesting about yourself that we don’t already know.

 I’m also a nutritionist.



Until Next Time, Stay Fashionable and Humane….
~The Fashion Wordsmith~



By Simone Lightfoot