The Pursuit of Fashion and Love

   There are only a handful of things that have always made me happy: school, family, friends and fashion. I can remember as a young child being super excited about my clothes, shoes, accessories and everything in between. If I believed that I looked good, I felt good and I acted accordingly. On the other hand, if I felt lack luster that day, I also acted as such. My point in sharing this is to point out the obvious: if you look good, you feel good. And feeling good about yourself is essential to living your best life. You’re probably wondering what fashion has to do with love.

   Well, it’s a lot more than just a matching outfit and a pair of shoes. Fashion is inspiration. Think about it: how many times have you been feeling down and the right garb gave you that much- needed pick me up? I can attest to that happening in my world all the time. Confidence is key in this world and when you dress up, you show up. I mentioned before that fashion is inspiration; it’s my love (meaning that it has the power to evoke something in me that makes me believe that anything is possible). The right look can inspire you to believe that you can go into an interview and come out with your dream job. If you are inspired to believe that you can do anything, then you are capable of living up to and even passing your fullest potential.

   Great fashion and writing put me in a state of euphoria. It releases my serotonin and makes me feel high. I feel excited. I get a rush of ambition mixed with inspiration and determination. It’s so powerful. Even as I think about it as I am writing these words, I feel entranced in the ink coming to life on the page and forming these words.

   The best thing in the world is to be inspired to become something bigger than your earthly self. Fashion provides that for me through words. For me, writing, much like fashion, is an expression of who I am at that time. It allows me to be free and limitless and share my kind of love with the world (all of which I need to be successful in life). I mean, what’s life without love, right? In order to be happy and live your ideal life, you have to have the courage to find the very thing(s) that give you inspiration and fill you up with love. Fashion and writing have done that for me.

Until next time, stay fashionable, happy and in love…

~The Fashion Wordsmith

by Simone Lightfoot