Rebirth the Skin

   Rebirthing the skin is a little bit like resurrection except it won’t take three days and there’s a large chance your name isn’t Jesus. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t revitalize your once-glowing skin back to full health. Think Kate Moss in the Spring 2014 McQueen Campaign: she partied for years and is still looking divine as the face of the campaign. But how does one channel their inner Kate Moss and rejuvenate their skin? It begins with creating a skincare habit.

   Creating or breaking a habit can be as difficult as turning down that third slice of pizza or late night get-together with your ex-boyfriend (both of which tend to result in the exact same sense of  guilt.) However, the habit I’m suggesting you create is far easier than either of those situations. I am suggesting that with each morning— every morning—you take a look in the mirror to inspect what’s staring back at you. Is your skin looking dull? Are there circles under your eyes? Are there any new blemishes or bumps? While doing this, speak to the inner over-achiever and take a few mental or physical notes of the areas you’d like to see your skin improve.

   Once you established a clear path of direction for your skin, you’ll be able to determine what is necessary to resuscitate the life back into your skin. On your path to beautiful skin, you will seek out five goals: moisture, smoothness, firmness, elasticity, and a clear complexion. In order to do so, you’re going to need to exfoliate, moisturize, and invigorate your dermis with serum.


   Our skin, just like the soil of the earth, craves moisture. Imagine your skin under the circumstances of a drought. Its ability to absorb moisture is limited and often the water will just run off of its surface. However, once hydrated, the dermis and epidermis will become rich, soft, and retain its ability to absorb moisture. When searching for a moisturizer, turn to Solvere’s Fortified Moisturizer or La Roche-Posay Labaraoire Dermatologique’s Toleriane Facial Fluid to condition the skin’s cells for a healthy complexion.


   The skin has an average shedding cycle of 28 days but as our metabolism and turn-over of skin cells deplete, our skin tends to become thick with unshed dead cells. To aid your skin in the removal of dead skin cells, one must turn to exfoliation. Exfoliates aid the skin by improving its texture, unclogging and minimizing pores. In search for an exfoliant, turn to Silk Naturals’ 8% Aha Toner or Paula Choice’s Resist Daily Pore-Refining Treatement with 2% BHA to aid the skin in becoming the belle of the ball.


   Firm skin, a child’s lucky gift and an elder person’s curse, is lost over the course of our lives. As we age and our levels of sebum production deplete, the lack of naturally produce nutrients result in a lack of firmness. Think of a serum as a nutritional supplement that penetrates deep into the skin and revitalizes its firmness. The holy grail of serums can be found on your local beauty site when you search Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster.

   Remember: rebirthing the skin the skin doesn’t need to be difficult. With a little bit of moisture, exfoliation, and serum stimulation, you’re on your way to becoming the face of the Alexander McQueen SS 2015 Campaign (or you can always digitally alter it with yourself as the face of the campaign like I did).

by: Johnny Cassanova