Rebirth Yourself: Turning Bad Vibes Into Better Living

   Life can be so confusing. There are times when life can feel like the best thing ever- like when love is fresh and new- and then there are the times when life can throw you a curveball and you are forced to deal with things like grief and loss. It is during the times of pain and uncertainty that life can seem unbearable. It is at these times where we can actually be our best selves. These are the moments when one must change and shift to fit the times and become their strongest self. How you respond to life and situations is often viewed as the most important thing, yet it can be argued that determination is equally important. Rebirth and the literal restructuring of the self is absolutely vital at moments of despair. It is not about how you defend yourself or respond to things but about what you redeem yourself.

   Most people strive to better themselves and society will tell us that this is the determinant of success: bettering our economic situations, pursuing education, etc. These approaches are how you overcome, how you “win” against life and circumstances. These things are important but what about self-determination, introspection, and looking to yourself for inspiration? What about deciding you are successful and not basing your life and worth on what “they” say is happiness? What about digging your heels in and determining what will be? What about person’s will in overcoming all obstacles? Perhaps we should change our perception of how to cope with things and what makes us able and successful because we all have what is necessary to overcome inside of us already. The pieces of us that seem ugly, that we feel ashamed of and the things that make us imperfect are actually our strengths. Those characteristics that others, or even ourselves, may view as incomplete are actually the things that make us unique and individual.

   Rebirth is very much a personal thing. Restructuring can be grueling and requires that we face ourselves while building and trying to climb higher. But when a person makes the conscious decision to stop fighting themselves and pick up the broken or incomplete pieces of themselves, it is then that the real rebirth begins. This is the actual overcoming and is the most difficult thing to do. Weakness is actually strength because it means you feel things; it means that you are aware and capable of rebuilding. Without introspection and self-awareness due to weakness, how could you know what you are capable of? We are all capable if we see ourselves as able to be such. All things can be done through sheer will and a change of perception. Rebirth can happen without a life-altering circumstance, especially if we usher in a different perspective on how we perceive life and change, for the only constant is change.

   You can be broken-down and even have pieces missing yet still be strong and able to foster your own rebirth, your own change. It is all in going beyond how you respond to life; it is in your determining what is to come. These are the true wings of the regenerative Pheonix. Without self- determination and will no one can fly.



By Otaymah Bonds