How to Reclaim Three Qualities Lost with Adulthood

   As you progress through adulthood, certain qualities that are synonymous with youth fade away. It happens in what seems to be a blink of an eye. One day, you are discovering the world as a child and the next, you find yourself as an adult faced with responsibilities, relationships, and the sometimes harsh realities of life.

   As you mature, you don’t have to lose the characteristics that make childhood unlike any other stage of your life. You can reignite the light you once had as a child by reclaiming these three forgotten qualities.


   If you asked a room full of people what the most prominent character trait of a child is, chances are, a large percentage would immediately say innocence. Innocence is purity. Innocence is a lack of corruption, and, in a way, it is ignorance. Naturally, as you become more independent, you begin to recognize the negative in the world and within yourself. With every new discovery, a bit of your innocence fades but it doesn’t have to be that way.

   To reclaim innocence, you have to take control and remove adverse influences that present negativity in your life. Once this weight is removed, you will begin to feel less burdened and discover a new beauty within yourself.


   Children don’t need extravagant trips or material goods to be happy because they find joy in simple moments. At a certain point in adulthood, this quality is lost. You can never have enough, never be enough, and are always searching for an unattainable material form of happiness. When you finally get the handbag, purchase the car, or buy the latest phone, the joy fades as quickly as it came and you move on to the next new desire.

   This is a sad reality that leads to a life of longing. As children so deeply understand, enthusiasm is not a result of things, it is an appreciation of the intangible. To become genuinely enthusiastic about your life, you have to look inward, rather than outward, for fulfillment.


   The ability to create is seen as a gift that some possess, while others do not. This is simply not true. Proof of this can be seen when observing the behavior of children. Children have no inhibitions about their ideas or expressing themselves in new creative ways. Without creativity as an adult, your entire world is confined to the status quo. Without creativity, progress and innovation cease to exist.

   Don’t be afraid to articulate your ideas. Creativity is unhindered expression and you should always find opportunities to share your unique perspectives with the world.

   Embracing your inner child will bring about a new appreciation for life, so reignite your passions and reclaim the qualities lost in your journey to adulthood.


By: Sarah Edmiston