Revamping Your Style





New Season, New You

   As we gear up for spring (how did that happen so quickly?!), our wardrobes will need to be updated. Take it a step further than usual and take this time as an opportunity to redevelop yourself through your style. Here are five easy tips to help you out.

Cleaning Your Closet

   Prep yourself and your space for a new fashion venture. Your mind works best when clutter-free, and the same goes for your closet. Make three piles: one for items to get rid of, one for items to keep, and one for items you’d like to revamp. Don’t be a pack rat! If you have had an item for a while and haven’t wanted to wear it, chances are you won’t. Clothes to put into the revamp pile can be anything that you would like to pair with a specific accessory or that you think would look cute if tailored: think of turning that old midi skirt into a mini.

Adding Pops of Color

   Neutral shades are all play-it-safe choices. The beauty of these is that they match anything and everything. When first expanding your style, try pops of color instead of jumping into the deep end by wearing from it head to toe; you may have a panic attack and retreat from trying new things! Try a bold shade of makeup (but only as eyeliner or on your lips), a pop of color on your nails, feet, or stackable bracelets, or a cayenne pepper-hued bag or gloves. In general, reds and oranges are ideal for warm skin tones, while blues and pinks are good for cool skin tones.


   Accessories are an easy way to add new flavor to your existing clothes. Try layering dainty necklaces instead of your usual one piece. Add a statement necklace to a plain top. Plop on some midi rings to show off those nails and mix up the typical finger jewelry. If you are feeling extra bold, try something outside the box like a dangling ring or a cuff earring. Those with edgy style can look for pieces with studs or spikes; girly types simply need to follow the road to sparkle and glitz. The possibilities are endless!

Dress For Your Body Type

   Not dressing for your body type is one of the biggest mistakes a gal can make. No one looks good in everything. On the flip side, wearing things that will flatter your figure can make SUCH a difference. If you are top-heavy, balance out the bottom by wearing a full skirt. If you are bottom- heavy, try tops with embellishments or layers to draw the eye upward. Virtually any style goddess will benefit from a wrap-style dress. It will create a natural waist if you have a ruler-type body, or accentuate an hourglass figure in all the right places.

Don’t be Afraid

   Second guessing your decisions in any aspect of life isn’t the way to go. Everyone-even those on the red carpet-has had major fashion flops at one point or another. Just like learning a new job or taking a new class in school, there may be some failure involved. But that’s okay! With great risk comes great payoff. You never know until you try, and risks are where fashion magic is made. Also, have confidence: the clothes don’t wear you, you wear the clothes! If you believe in your outfit and own it, others will, too. You’re fabulous and you know it.

By Caitlin McCulloch