Saddle Up With Marihorn







   Equestrian gear is all the rage and no one does the equestrian look better than Marihorn! Marisa Horn established the brand, Marihorn in 2012 after the initial success of Mari-J, a fashion company imported from Japan. Upon seeing the success of Mari-J, Marisa Horn established Marihorn in her home of Thailand. Horn studied fashion and art for over ten years and has quite an extensive history in the entertainment industry as she is a television actress and model. After asserting herself on the entertainment front, Horn went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts and a Master of Arts in Corporate Communication Management. Combining her love of and experience in the arts as well as her educational background in business, Marisa has created a brand that fuels the need for functional, comfortable, and feminine fashion. The customer relations end is booming: she pays close attention to customer input as well as their reactions to each and every line the brand produces.

   Marihorn Brand is designed by Sanchai Sukkasem (BFA). Horn and Sukkasem fuse their know-how that results in clothing that is exquisitely tailored yet practical; this makes their collections great for everyone ranging from the working mother to the female entrepreneur. Marihorn’s current collection,”The Tale of Fire Collection” utilizes pastels (blue and pink) and bright, bold orange and red tones. The use of equestrian gear is also vibrant in this collection, with everything from long plumes of feathers and riding caps to streamlined pants with precise stitching. All of this makes this line the perfect choice for the woman who revels in great tailoring. The fashion line also mixes different textures and silhouettes, such as twill and Nano silk (complete with a range of short shift dresses to 1940’s flair). Take a look at the beautiful photos that accompany this article featuring looks that propel the fashion into the realm of mysticism, sending the equestrian look into places beyond the usual fashion realm!


By: Otaymah Bonds