Santa’s Workshop: A Gift Guide for All You Lazy Shoppers

   As soon as the first leaf falls and the brisk wind hits my face, calm settles inside me. Why? The holidays are just around the corner.

   Many love dressing up for Halloween but I pass, preferring to focus on gift giving and, let’s be honest, the fun part is receiving gifts, too. However, giving a gift your loved ones will treasure is never simple and we all tend to wait to the last minute. So here are four easy options that your gym-buff, boss, and bestie will love.

   For the Pilates and ab obsessed, subscribe them to a Class Pass. For only a $100 a month they can take classes at gyms all over the city with the limitation of three classes per week at the same studio. Some of the cool choices include a Brazilian boot camp, kickboxing and cycling. For more info, visit This is a great way to help your friend stay on track with that New Year’s resolution.

   Looking to give something more precious? One of my favorite jewelry brands, Satya offers designs with sacred yogi symbols like “om” and the Ganesh that is made out of gemstones and gunmetal (equally modern and spiritual.) Visit Satya to see their celestial Holiday collection and more.

   If you have a glamoratti in your clique, a beauty box service might be the cure for any holiday blues. YouTube Beauty guru, Michelle Phan created Ipsy which offers a cute pouch the size of a makeup bag with samples for only $10 a month. You can’t beat that price and it’s handpicked by stylists who know what’s in and what’s out. Your friend will be glamorous on your dime and you did not step one foot into the crazy madness that is a department store at Christmas.

   Lastly, we all know someone who is a little health conscious. For that foodie, supply them with The Beauty Detox: Discover the Top 50 Foods that will Transform Your Body and Reveal a More Beautiful You by Kimberly Snyder. This bestselling book is not a diet book but instead breaks down the complexities of food and how to eat while getting the results you want. She suggests eating more veggies for energy and a healthy self. With recipes and an A list clientele, you can’t go wrong with this one. Happy shopping!

By: Taja Whitted