Seen at NYC’s International Beauty Show: Swish4Energy and the Makeup Eraser

   Swish4Energy mouth rinse is a new product used as a mouth wash (it cleanses) that gives you energy along with incredibly fresh breath. The name is self-explanatory: swish (don’t swallow) and reap the benefits of just having sipped a cup of coffee! It’s perfect for the on-the-go New Yorker who wants to feel almost immediate results (you will feel the effects within four minutes of use) that include increased stamina and clarity. You can kiss your winter lethargy goodbye! The product is relatively low in caffeine which is refreshing: it’s that combination of a small amount of caffeine, monk fruit, and Vitamin E that gives the consumer energy. Also made with purified water, peppermint oil, and citric acid (along with other ingredients), Swish4Energy is a new, exciting product that will have you energized and thinking about mouth wash in a whole new light.

   The Makeup Eraser is a new product that removes all makeup using only water! It’s a perfectly pink, girly cloth that, when soaked with hot water, will remove any amount of makeup. It’s effortless and completely convenient. It’s also good for the environment; you reuse the cloth over and over (only washing it when needed) without having to dispose of paper products (tissues, makeup wipes, etc.) Call Jackie Fiorillo at 412-580-9238 or visit her website at www.jackie.makeuperaser.com. You can also contact Tammy Santone-Spivak at 412-576-3762 or visit www.myyouniquemakeuperaser.com so you can order your very own makeup eraser today for only twenty three dollars.

By: Katherine Sloan