Be Sharp Stay Strong


  Nikki Sharp’s positive energy is infectious. After reading her blog, watching her videos, trying her recipes or speaking with her, you can’t help but be inspired. Dare I say that Nikki Sharp makes me want to be a better person?

  This influence on others didn’t happen by accident. Nikki has packed her short twenty seven years with extensive travel, a degree in communications and a successful modeling career.

  Through her natural curiosity, hard work and intuitiveness, she has translated her learning into a successful health and lifestyle company. And she is just getting started.

  Nikki’s website Stay Sharp Be Strong features all you need in order to become and stay healthy. Need a jump-start? Her 5-day detox is not only affordable but doable as well. Beauty advice?

  Check out her videos. Wonder how to incorporate healthy foods into your everyday meals? Check out her recipes. Need a health coach for more specialized help? She does that, too.

  Being older than Nikki by…let’s just say a bit, I have seen many a health and fitness craze come and go. What Nikki shares is not a fad or craze: it’s a realistic and holistic view of health. She reminds her followers at every turn that good health is a lifestyle, a life-long journey, not a diet fad or quick fix. And best of all, her information is accessible. There are no pricey subscriptions or products. She disseminates her information through her website, videos and reasonably priced and downloadable eBooks. Brava Nikki!

  Wonder how she got this fabulous? Check out her answers to the following thought-provoking questions:


How would you describe yourself?

  I am a bubbly blonde who loves meeting new people, loves health and nutrition and is an avid traveler. Wanderlust to the extreme.

How has your family influenced your life?

  I grew up in a family where we sat down and had dinner every night and my mom cooked. This helped me understand the importance of family, talking about your day and home-cooked food. My parents were also very into sports, as my dad was a famous rock climber. My mom went to the Olympics for cycling and my stepfather was a body builder. While I didn’t appreciate this when I was younger, it was very important growing up to have this level of fitness built into me at a young age because I grew up liking sports.

What are you inspired by?

  My parents are at the top as they both have such a strong work ethic; they both are open to change and to me teaching them about nutrition. My mom especially has helped me to understand how to cook. I also look up to various people like Fully Raw Kristina, who is such a lovely person inside and out. She inspires so many people daily. I hope to be just like her when I grow up (laughs).

What is your greatest achievement?

  I would say globetrotting as a model for many years and then later opening my own health company (which I’ve been able to help more than 80,000 people with: they learn about healthy living and how to eat correctly).


What was the biggest lesson you learned from being a model?

  To show appreciation and respect to everyone that you are working with and to take your job seriously. From the smallest job to the biggest, a brand is hiring you as an ambassador to reach their audience. I learned that the price of success is working hard, being dedicated, and giving most of myself to the people I work with.

Having lived in London and traveled extensively, what differences do you see in International women vs. American women?

  It seems that, all over, women want to look and feel their best. America in general has hit a huge wave of wanting to be healthy, which is why we see so many health foods popping up and American women enjoying trying out new ideas. In other cultures, while women are still into health and wellness, there seems to be more of a focus on family and friends, instead of individual diets.

Who would you most like to have coffee with?

  Tony Robbins, Oprah, Dr.Oz, and Bill Clinton. I think all of these people have been very influential and have brought amazing things to us in their own individual way.

Food – Fitness – Beauty – does one speak more to you?

  Food. I realized a while ago that food literally has the power to make you feel amazing, give you great skin, and make you a happy person. It also has the ability to do the exact opposite. While I love fitness and beauty, no amount of makeup can make your skin glow, and no amount of sit- ups will give you the body you want if you’re not eating clean.


How did you develop your 5-day cleanse?

  From looking at all the other cleanses on the market, which were juice or smoothie based, and the diets that featured cutting crazy amounts of calories. I decided to create my own that featured an abundance of vitamin rich foods, cleansing ingredients such as mint, turmeric and cayenne, and a proper balance that would make you continue after the five days. Five days was such an easy time to endure because it’s Monday through Friday and seemed very doable.

How does social media affect your business?

  I am able to speak to my followers directly so if they do or don’t like something I know immediately. It’s the most amazing feedback. It’s also the place that I can ask what they want and come out with a product directly relating to what they’ve asked for. There are times it’s hard as well, keeping up to date with various social networks, but I try not to complain because my company started via instagram, so I feel pretty blessed.

What is your biggest goal for 2015?

  To publish a book, make partnerships with brands like Whole Foods and Nike, and possibly open a restaurant.

What is your go-to outfit?

  I don’t really have a go-to per se, but I guess you can normally find me in skinny black jeans, a white or black shirt and my leather jacket. Shoes are usually heels or Tod’s.

What do you know now that you wish you knew sooner?

  To stop being so self-critical. We never talk to our friends or family about their bodies, yet we criticize ourselves like crazy. It’s taken me a long time to understand and appreciate this concept of self-love. I try to post things like this on Instagram often in order to help motivate others to live their best life right here, right now.


By Jamie Banks