Spring Fever


   Weeks before the first azalea blooms in my yard I start to get spring fever. You know what I mean: the last days of winter are dragging on and all you can think of is warmer weather, tulips, and the Easter Bunny. When the fever hits, I switch out my wardrobe and items in my house to feel refreshed.

   Why shouldn’t your home get the same treatment as your closet? For a relatively small amount of money, you can reinvent your home as well as your wardrobe this spring. If you are like me, you have rearranged every piece of furniture in your home multiple times to make it seem new and fresh. I have reluctantly come to the realization that moving the couch can only do so much. In order to break the fever, follow these simple tips for freshening up your home:


   My friends make fun of me but I have fall/winter rugs and spring/summer rugs. I always change the one in the living room because we spend the majority of our time there. Our winter rug is heavy and off-white with color accents and the spring/ summer rug is a Kilim woven with bright purples, pinks and oranges. Changing out a rug can do wonders for your outlook and serve as the backdrop for the rest of your updates.

   The other area I switch out rugs are the kitchen and bathrooms.  We have hardwood floors so it’s easy and inexpensive to make a change. Along with a rug, add some coordinating, colorful dish/hand towels and voila: it feels more like springtime!


   My name is Jamie and I have a pillow problem. Admission is the first step to recovery – no? Throw pillows can change the entire feeling of a room and its vibe. As it was snowing outside, I was inside on the computer buying colorful spring-like pillows to jazz up my neutral gray couch. They reflect my spring wardrobe with bright colors anchored by grays and creams. This is a great time to have the “winter” pillows dry-cleaned and put away until next fall. I get tired of pillows quickly, (except for my single letter Jonathan Adler’s with me and my husband’s initials) so I give many a pillow away. It’s funny that my friends don’t make fun of this eccentricity.


   White to me says spring. Off comes the heavy comforter and on goes the crisp white quilt on all the beds. Some would say that is just dumb since I let my dogs on the beds but you only live once and they can be thrown in the washing machine. As you can imagine, I (or rather my husband) does lots of wash in the spring. It’s a small price to pay for the freshness that comes from an entirely white bed.


   Even if they’re fake, have some flowers in your house! They will brighten your day and your rooms. No excuses. Pick them from your yard, or get them at the grocery store. I love tulips, gerbera daisies and gladiolus for spring. They make me feel happy and hopeful. It’s corny but true.


   Now that you have moved things around and added new colors, look at the art in your house. I will move pieces from room to room to better coincide with my new spring scheme. Think of your framed photographs as art too. Here’s an idea: print out one of the hundreds of pictures on your phone and replace some of the older ones. Sometimes just moving pictures from room to room gives them a completely different feeling.

Scent :

   Another inexpensive trick is to make your house smell like spring. Candles in citrus scents do it for me but maybe you are more of a flowery kind of person. I also use those Febreeze plug-in air fresheners –don’t judge: I have dogs and they are hidden behind furniture; my favorite “flavor” is fresh spring or ocean breeze.

   These few small changes will make your home as fashionable and comfortable as your new culottes. Now take a deep breath and embrace spring both inside and out.


By Jamie Banks