Summertime Joie De Vivre


For most Summer means bbq and pool parties but it is much more than that-Summer is the perfect time to connect to yourself and discover your Joie De Vivre. What is exactly is Joie De Vivre you may ask? Joie De Vivre is excitement, enthusiasm, enjoyment, and Summer is the perfect time to discover that wonderful entity. We all know that happiness can be elusive but luckily joy is not. Joy can be created, invented, or simply shaped at any given time. All that is needed is noticing the beautiful aspects of life and opening yourself up to fun.

Reinvent Yourself

Whether we realize it or not we are all prone to gravitating to what brings us comfort; whether it be a favorite scarf of those easy and comfortable leggings. Summer is the perfect time to go beyond our fashion safety garments or even our fashion fears. Try one item that seems daunting. Afraid of pattern mixing? Try a print dress that already does the mixing for you. Tentative about color? Strike out and give one bright hue a chance to shine while keeping the rest of your outfit muted. Dress purposefully this season and dare to get dressed. Go beyond what you would normally wear. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to add something new to your wardrobe and how fresh it makes you feel!

Be Bold

Often times it can be daunting to try new activities but it doesn’t have to be. Summer is the greatest time to explore new territory because there are more events happening and more people that are out and about. Challenge yourself to try at least one new interest! You really never know what aspects of yourself you might discover. It is the perfect time to begin a new hobby or rediscover old hobbies. Carve out time to play and shake up your own scene. Let the Summer sun invigorate you and propel you to try new things!

Go Exploring

Some of the best adventures are misadventures. And some of the best misadventures are those that we discover within ourselves. Get lost! That’s right, get lost. Take some time off the beaten path without social media or your cellphone, laptop, or even friends, and rediscover yourself. Quiet moments reveal the most and with serene and still moments we can find out things about ourselves that we never knew. Quiet walks to unknown spaces can really help you to get reacquainted with you.

Summertime gives us the chance to truly get to know ourselves and our surroundings. With so many great things to enhance our lives and new people to meet why let the magic of the season slip past you? Like the fruits that run abounding in the hot weather, the season is ripe for the taking. But only you can make your Summer sizzle!




by  Otaymah Bonds