Treat Yourself on V Day

   As Valentine’s Day approaches and Hallmark greeting cards, boxed chocolates and bottles of KY personal lubricating jelly are flying off of shopkeeper’s shelves, do not let yourself become depressed, especially if you’re single. Do, however, find something to do that’s original, slightly decadent and a tiny bit naughty. Red lipstick is an absolute must, as is perfume oil. Dab it onto your neck and wear something with a revealing décolletage: whether you’re single or already mated, Valentine’s evening is the best time of the year to flash the world with a bit of erotic elegance. I adore a pair of old- fashioned seam-up-the-back stockings (in black) and
a shiny patent-leather pump. Since it’s a bit cold in February, why not wear a long belted trench coat? It’s mysterious and timeless.

   Now that you’re dressed, let’s decide where you’re going and what you’re going to do when you get there. This is the fun part. Have a sexy drink, like a martini or a glass of red wine at a glamorous bar and eat something delectable: oysters, filet mignon, caviar, something that’s    not an everyday treat, but a three-or-four-times-a-year treat. Definitely have dessert. My favorites include ricotta cheesecake, rainbow petit fours and anything dark chocolate. Now it’s time to explore and have an adventure. Go to a fabulous burlesque show or a dimly-lit jazz club, or treat yourself to a beautiful new purchase at your favorite store or have a massage: Valentine’s Day is about doing something special and luxurious; don’t break the bank, but splurge a little. Most importantly: make love. I’m not talking about merely having sex. Be romantic and tender and loving with your partner. Kiss and hold hands and snuggle and cuddle and kiss some more. If you don’t have a partner, then there’s always self-love, which is the best kind, because when      you’re staying in alone it doesn’t matter how many eggs you have in your fridge in the morning.

By Angela Sloan