Turner and Tatler: Making The Old New Again

1503_Turner-and-Tatler-Making-The-Old-New-Again_01   Turner and Tatler is a jewelry brand known for making the old new again; they take vintage and antique jewels and make them modern. Talk about making recycling fun! One of the brand’s mottos is “modern renditions made from classic pieces of an earlier day… the antiques of tomorrow.” Cindy Chaplin (the brand’s owner, creator, and founder) became fascinated by the idea of giving antique jewelry new life while browsing the pieces in windows on 47th street in NYC with her mother. Visit the brand’s website ( and you 1503_Turner-and-Tatler-Making-The-Old-New-Again_02can read about how she’d fantasize about the lives of those who wore the beautiful antique pieces of jewelry that she would admire in shop windows as a little girl.

1503_Turner-and-Tatler-Making-The-Old-New-Again_03   Chaplin’s tagline for making antique jewels modern and wearable is: “history repeats itself beautifully.” All of Turner and Tatler’s pieces are unique and one of a kind; artisans go to great pains to take a piece that seems archaic and make it fresh while keeping the vintage feel intact. Whether you’re looking to take an antique brooch and make it into something modern and young or you want to restore a belt buckle and make it functional as a charm on a necklace, Turner and Tatler is the answer. Who doesn’t love nostalgia (especially when it comes in the form of a sparkly bauble)? Turner and Tatler helps us to remember the past while moving forward. We can always keep a little piece of the past with us (or on us) as our style grows with designers like Turner and Tatler.


By Katherine Sloan