Virgins Saints & Angels: Rethinking Love and Beauty



   Friend of FashionDecode and gorgeous jewelry brand, Virgins Saints & Angels is perfect to talk about when it comes to intermingling love with fashion. Every woman loves jewelry (men do, too) but we also love what it means to be gifted jewelry by someone we love. Some pieces of jewelry are so beautiful that wearing them is very important (think rosaries, crucifixes, and images of saints). VSA specializes in these spiritual gems that can either mean a lot to the person wearing them or they can simply be seen as gorgeous embellishment. The website for the brand (vsadesigns.com) focuses a lot on the whimsical and deliriously glamorous virgin aspect of the brand. With so many images of Mary and Guadalupe, the site also asks “Who’s Your Virgin?”

   The jewelry brand’s social media focuses on beautiful women from around the world whose style we love (Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sophia Loren, Kate Moss and Grace Coddington). The tagline is “Wear It and Believe.” The whole notion of “belief” and “faith” is all about love and trust. It’s also refreshing to think about religious and spiritual love on holidays such as Valentine’s Day and not just boyfriends, girlfriends, and spouses. One of the beautiful voices behind the design label, Virgin Saints & Angels is Mercedes Hart; she covers the PR and Communications end of the business. Just from browsing the website, we know that the women involved love and respect other women (see “Goddess Grooves”). There is so much love from this brand for beauty and rock and roll: we see homage being paid to Elvis, Blondie and the Ramones.

   Probably the most important thing about Virgins Saints & Angels is the magic that it brings to anyone who wears one of its pieces. Whether the person wearing a cross or a tiara is spiritual or not, it’s impossible not to feel beautiful while being adorned. It’s also impossible not to think of the work of Pierre et Gilles and Jean Paul Gaultier when viewing the amazing accompanying photographs. Take a cue from Virgins Saints and Angels and pick your inner goddess, virgin, or saint and love yourself.

By Katherine Sloan